Revamp & Rambling

I started this blog well over a year ago, after I abandoned the paid website option. My intentions were good; I was going to post at least weekly, on topics ranging from politics to book and movie reviews to half-assedly clever witticisms about life and random bullshit that appealed to me.

But then Things Happened. They always do. And this blog went forgotten for a long, long time.

Every time I’d sit and think about starting up the blog again, I’d be suddenly stricken with malaise, because coming up with topics to blog about just sounds exhausting. Then the excuses started pouring in: I have a life, I have kids, I have a job. I barely have time to read at all, let alone think up stuff to say about it…

It wasn’t just blogging that fell by either. I’ve become something of a social media hermit. No blog: too exhausting. Gave up on Twitter: too much noise. Google+: does anyone even use that anymore? If Facebook wasn’t the most convenient way for contacting people and keeping in touch with my loved ones, scattered globally, I’d probably give up on that too.

I realized a little while ago that it’s cut me off fairly well from a lot of avenues I once took advantage of to network and socialize and meet new people, on a personal and a professional basis. So I’m trying to make a change with that.

No. Scratch that. Do, or do not. I’m making a change with that.

I can’t say how often this blog will get updated; it really depends. I do have kids and a job and a life and a pile of books stacked nearly to the ceiling that I haven’t read and access to Netflix which just added all those shows I meant to watch but somehow never got around to while they were on TV and…

Excuses, excuses.

I could have started an old blog: the Idea Cesspool is still around, still archived, still kickin‘. But given that it’s been three years since I last posted in it, I’m going to put it permanently on hiatus. At some point, I may look to incorporate the posts there in this blog, but since I’m inherently lazy, I’ll probably just end up incorporating the bits of fiction I wrote and posted on it as free fiction here.

Here’s to the future of my needing-a-revamp social media life. Dragging myself kicking and screaming if needed.

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